Around the World in 80 minutes

Around the World in 80 minutes

Presented by: Maple Leaf Brass Band
Saturday,  October 06, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

The Maple Leaf Brass Band is proud to present a concert of music written especially for Brass Band of music from around the world.

The British Brass Band was born out of the coal mines and textile mills of Northern and South West England and Wales. The bands were formed to give the workers a social outlet and were often playing outdoor concerts in the parks and green spaces in and around the mines and mills.

This concert will take you on a journey from Canada to the USA, then down to South America through the Amazon Rainforest. Then across the Atlantic to Africa and up to Western Europe stopping in the Auvergne region of France then ending the first half in Spain.

The second half starts from the home of the brass band the United Kingdom we jet off to eastern Europe with music from Greece, Russia and The Czech Republic. Then onto Asia with music from Japan and Korea and down to New Zealand with a Maori folk song. Then a long flight back to Canada and a journey across the Canadian landscapes.

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Genre: Music
Language: English
Tickets: Adult - $18.25 | Senior/Child - $13.25 | Family of 4 - $53.00

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October 06 at 7:00 pm