Concierto de Paco Rentería

Concierto de Paco Rentería

Presented by: Embassy of Mexico in Canada
Monday,  September 17, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Paco Rentería started at 7 years old, has more than 20 years on stage. He started at the Conservatory of Music in Guadalajara, plus of alternate with particular teachers in classical guitar, performing recitals, from age 13 to the 16. Paco Rentería is a composer, performer and arranger of all his musical work. He forayed into the Rock and Jazz, influenced by groups like Zeppelin, Beatles, Queen, Chick Corea, Paco de Lucía, Pink Floyd, Jean Luc Ponty, Santana, Eagles, Enigma. Then, tired of formalisms, decided to go to debugging a project which led it several years and of groupings directed by him, up reach his present concept called by himself FREEPLAY, he escaped to internalize the depths of his being: “The raw material of a musician, are their own feeling and emotions stimulated, engendered and produced by their own experiences, strange and imagined, achieving a catharsis and metamorphosis of angels and demons of our own soul that searches the light and the darkness of one composition, and the energy of a concert to exit euphoric and feed my anger, my passion and rage, turning me in another being who I only known when I´m on a stage.”



Genre: Music
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September 17 at 7:00 pm