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Flamenco Passion

Presented by Festival España América Latina & Victor Latinconcerts

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Limited time only and while quantities last.

The Festival of Spain and Latin America, Victor Latin Concerts and Dives Productions present a wonderful Flamenco concert-show with artists from Spain and Canada.

Flamenco Fascination will take you on a journey of music, song and dance to the very heart of the gypsy Andalusia of Spain.

Fernando Gallego, cantaor from Spain with his beautiful voice will make you tremble with emotions with the cante jondo (the deep song) of Flamenco. He is one of the best contemporary flamenco singers.

Raul Ortega, “bailaor” is the guest of honor for this flamenco show. A great Spanish flamenco dancer from Jerez de la Frontera. This bailaor brings the passion of the flamenco dance which with its frenzied zapateado, its allure and its masculine strength will make the spectators tremble with emotions.

Rosanne Dion, guest dancer, brings the feminine touch. Rosanne is a dancer with a gypsy allure that unites strength with the aesthetic beauty of her movements.

Caroline Planté on flamenco guitar. Caroline is a virtuoso musician who has toured throughout Spain, Europe and all of Canada. She will be accompanied by Spanish percussionist Miguel Medina and guest musicians.

Flamenco Fascination is a concert-show of music, song and dance lasting an hour and a half with a 15-minute intermission.

A magical night with Andalusian romanticism, strength and passion!

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