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Les Lye Studio Theatre Technical Specifications

Sound, staging, rigging and dimensions specifications

Les Lye Studio Theatre

The Les Lye Studio Theatre at MTAC is an intimate space which offers flexibility in its uses and configurations. The studio is ideal for intimate performances, cabaret and dinner theatre, business functions, lectures, rehearsals, master classes and workshops. It is acoustically sound and fully equipped with lighting and sound systems, tension grid, a sprung floor and retractable seating.

Contact us for a pdf version of this information



International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE – Local 471)


Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
Civic Institute of Professional Personnel (CIPP)

General information


Non-Profit organizations have access to the Theatres Volunteer Stage Crew. In the absence of available volunteers, IATSE staff will be hired and charged back at the applicable rates. The Licensee shall provide the Volunteer Stage Crew with appropriate meals and refreshments during the engagement at scheduled times as advanced by MTAC Production Services.

Haze and Theatrical Smoke

Productions using haze and smoke must inform Meridian Theatres in advance of their event. 
WHMIS 2015 documentation (SDS) must be provided to Production Services.


Productions using pyrotechnic special effects must apply for and receive a permit in accordance with City Of Ottawa bylaw services and obtain authorization from the Theatre, and the Fire Chief of the City of Ottawa.  Operators must hold valid certification from the Explosive Regulatory Division of the Natural Resources of Canada.

Open Flame / Smoking Policy

The City of Ottawa has a No Open Flame policy.  Smoking is not permitted in Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe or anywhere on City of Ottawa property.

Theatrical Firearms/Weaponry

All firearms, including replica firearms, must be handled in accordance with federal legislation. Advance approval required by MTAC Production Services.

Maximum Sound Levels

Refer to Ontario Ministry of Labour Safety Guidelines for Live Performance Industry.  


No video and/or audio recording is permitted without prior approval from Meridian Theatres. Additional IATSE fees may apply. For full details on reproduction and broadcasting, please consult the General Terms and Conditions.

Occupational Health & Safety

Smoking is not permitted in Meridian Theatres or anywhere on City of Ottawa property. Safety footwear and hard hats as required in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations. Fall protection is mandatory in accordance with MOL regulations.


Stage Surface

Masonite painted black over plywood sprung floor. Anchoring (screwing) into the floor is not permitted.


Useable floor area with no seating
Width (middle of room): 15 m (49’-3”)
Depth (backdrop to retracted seating): 16.3 m (53’-5”)

Playing Area with Standard Seating
Width: 12.2 m (39’-3”)
Depth (Setline to backdrop): 9.3 m (30’-7”)

Playing Area with OPTIONAL pit seating
Width: 12.2 m (39’-3”)
Depth (Setline to backdrop): 6.3 m (20’-7”)

Stage to High Transfer Area Door
Maximum width: 3.4 m (11’-1”)
Maximum height: 3.9 m (12’-11”)

Height (floor to Tension Grid):  6.2 m (20’-3”)

Contact us for floor plan

Seating options

Standard Seating – 199 seats plus 4 wheelchair locations
Pit Seating – 233 seats plus 4 wheelchair locations, additional production fees will apply for setup/restore
No Seating – theatre seating retracted, additional production fees will apply for setup/restore


House Curtain (Main)

No house main curtain

Back Drop

Black Velour on motorized lineset
2 – 7.3 m wide x 5.9 m high (22’-0” x 19’-4”)


1 – Muslin Cloth
12.2 m wide x 5.8 m high (40’-0” x 19’-0”)

Side Masking

Black Velour, 0% fullness
4 – 3.7 m wide x 1.3 m high (12’-0” x 4’-3”)

Black velour drape on curtain track to mask off entrance area stage left, right and arcade openings on the gallery level.


Tension Grid System

Tension Grid System is comprised of interwoven 1/8” (7x19) galvanized cables strung in tension on 2” centres and contained within a structural steel frame that is suspended from hanger points below the studio’s structural steel. The tension grid is over the entire floor area of the studio.

Lighting pipes are above the tension grid to allow for greater flexibility and ease of focus.

Any production that requires rigging from structural steel must advance with Production Services.

No rigging from tension grid frame.


Installed mix position in centre of studio control booth. Windows in control booth do open.


4 – Meyer UPQ-1P (2/side flown)
2 – Meyer 500HP Subwoofer (flown centre)
1 – Meyer Galileo 408 processor for control


8 – EAW MW12 MicroWedge
4 – Crown iTech 5000HD Amplifiers – 4 mixes
2 – QSC K8 Power Speakers (flown SL & SR)
2 – JBL LSR2328P  (mounted in Control Room)
3 – Yamaha MS101III for Booth Program Sound
4 – Berhringer B205D compact monitor speaker 

Microphones and DIs

6 – Shure SM58
4 – Shure SM57
1 – Shure Beta 52A
3 – Shure SM81
2 – Sennheiser MK4
3 – Sennheiser e904 with drum clip
3 – Crown PCC 160
6 – Radial JDI Passive DI box
1 – Whirlwind PCDI


2 – Shure UHF-R UR4D Dual Receiver  (H4 Band  518-578 MHz)
4 – Shure UR2/SM58 wireless handheld
4 – Shure UR1 wireless body pack transmitters with Shure WL184 lav mic or ¼” cable

FOH Console & Playback

1 – Yamaha M7CL-48 v3 (48 mono + 4 stereo)
2 – Denon DN-300C MKII CD/Media Player (USB)
1 – Tascam CD-200i CD Player / ipod dock


All house patch points terminate to bantam (TT)  patchbays in Control Booth.


12 – K&M 210/9 Tall mic stand with boom- Black
12 – K&M 259 Short mic stand with boom- Black
  8 – table top mic stands 

Intercom System


1 – Clearcom Tempest 2400 CM-222 base station
5 – Clearcom Tempest CP-222 belt packs

1 – Clearcom MS702 station (booth SM position)
1 – Clearcom RM702 station (booth audio position)
1 – Clearcom KB702 station (booth lighting position)
4 – Clearcom RS-601 belt packs (1 channel)
10 – Clearcom CC-95 headsets (single muff)

Assistive Listening System

Brahler MSI-8d IR Transmitter with IR Radiato

Production Power Source


LOCATION: Grid Level-upstage right
VOLTAGE: 120/208 volt, 60 Hz, 5 wire
CONNECTORS: Cam-Loc E1016 Female


LOCATION: 4 x SL & 4 x SR on upstage wall
VOLTAGE: 120 volt, 60 Hz
CONNECTORS: Edison U-Ground


The Studio is equipped with a pre-hung and coloured stock lighting plot.

The stock lighting plot must be restored at the production’s expense if any changes are made.

House light control from booth or stage right.

Contact us for the Les Lye Studio Theatre Lighting Plot


1 – ETC ION 1000 (eOS v 2.9.0) with 2 x 20 Fader Wings and wireless NET3RFR remote


2 – ETC Sensor+  96 channel racks
All wired dimmer per circuit (2.4kW)


186 – 20A (Mix of L5 Twistlock & Socapex)

Control Protocol :

ETC sACN/eDMX Network
Additional Gateways available.


2 – LDR Canto – 1k

Mirror Ball

1 – 20” mirror ball with 1 RPM motor

Subject to availability (shared with mainstage):

Hazer: 2 – Ultratec Radiance Hazer with fan
Fogger: 2 – Martin Jem ZR44

Fixture Inventory

Total Fixture Inventory: 158 Used in Stock Plot: 113  Available: 45

* shared with mainstage
** all ETC fixtures use HPL 575 Watt bulb

ETC Source Four - 19°  
Total Inventory: 16 Used in Stock Plot: 12  Available: 4

ETC Source Four - 26°
Total Inventory: 25 Used in Stock Plot:21  Available: 4                                

ETC Source Four - 36°
Total Inventory: 28 Used in Stock Plot: 28 Available: 0

ETC Source Four - 50°
Total Inventory: 3 Used in Stock Plot: 0  Available: 3                                

ETC Source Four - 25-50° Zoom
Total Inventory: 10 Used in Stock Plot: 6  Available: 4 

ETC Source Four – Par Medium
Total Inventory: 21 Used in Stock Plot: 10  Available: 11

ETC Source Four – Parnel
Total Inventory: 35 Used in Stock Plot: 20  Available: 15

*ChromaQ CF12 LED RGBA
Total Inventory: 12 Used in Stock Plot: 8  Available: 4*

Altman Cyc - 3 CELL
Total Inventory: 4 Used in Stock Plot: 4  Available: 0

Martin MAC250 entour
Total Inventory: 4 Used in Stock Plot: 4  Available: 0



1 – Panasonic PT-DZ6710U HD 6000 lumen DPL installed for front projection.
Stock Lens installed: ET-DLE350  3.6 - 5.4:1

Projection Screen

Flown upstage centre when required

1 – Draper Cinefold 4.26 m x 3.05 m  (14’-0” x 10’-0”) with Fast Fold flyable truss frame.
4:3 ratio, Uniflex front projection surface
Projector image is HD and screen is SD. Be aware images will be letterbox on screen.


1 – Extron Video Matrix Switching System (Analog VGA) OR HDMI over HDBase-T interfaces


1 – Denon DN-500BD MKII Blu-ray/DVD Player

Users must provide laptop/computer if required for playback/presentations.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Some of the following equipment is shared between Meridian Theatres Mainstage and the Studio Theatre.  Please inquire about availability with Production Services during show advance. Subject to availability.


(A=440, mandatory tuning required)

9’ Yamaha CFIII Concert Grand Piano
6’ Yamaha GS6 Grand Piano


16 – Black Orchestra Chairs (padded, no arms)
15 – Black Music Stands
15 – Music Stand Lights
1 – Conductor Podium 0.9m x 0.9m (3’x3’)

Audio Equipment

1 – Whirlwind PressPower2 Media Box
2 – QSC K8 Powered Speakers


2 – Wood Lectern

Pipe & Drape kit


Black plywood lids on folding bases

5 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.15m (4’ x 8’ x 6”)
2 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.41m (4’ x 8’ x 16”)
6 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.46m (4’ x 8’ x 18”)
5 – 1.2m x 2.4m x 0.76m (4’ x 8’ x 30”)

Dance Floor

Rosco Reversible Black / Gray
5 Rolls – 1.6 m (5¼’) x 12 m (40’)
60 – Black Masonite 1.2m x 2.4m (4’ x 8’) sheet

Other Furniture

4 – Metal Stools ~ 28” high
3 – Black Tables 6’ x 2’-6”
2 – Black Tables 6’ x 1’-6”

Backstage – floor plans available upon request

Stage Door

North side of Ben Franklin Place

All cast and crew are required to enter here and check in with Stage Door Attendant.


One floor up from stage level.

Chairs and Tables. Stove, Coffee maker, Microwave, Fridge, Ice Machine.


Stage right hallway.

Sink, Microwave & Fridge.

Dressing Rooms

Stage right hallway.

2 – Large dressing rooms with dressing tables, mirrors, clothing racks. 13 stations per room. Private shower, toilet and sinks in each dressing room.

Wardrobe Room

End of dressing room hallway.

One high efficiency (HE) washing machine and one dryer. Ironing boards and steamer available.

Loading Docks

Shared with mainstage space

2 – Indoor truck level docks. Can accommodate vehicles up to 22.8m (75’) in length.

14 m (46’) push to Stage Left. All shows must load-in through the LOADING DOCK. 

Interior Loading Doors: Max. Height 2.7 m (8’ 10”) Max. Width 2.4 m (7’ 10”)


There is free parking in the main lot of Ben Franklin Place.

Parking is not permitted along the loading dock access ramp. Dock access must remain clear.