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SOLD OUT: Thaala: Memory Lane | මතක මාවත

Presented by Thaala

Thaala: Memory Lane is the second concert by Thaala, a collective of friends with a passion for music based in Ottawa.

While mainly focused on Sri Lankan music, the Thaala sound has a unique blend of genres (across languages) such as sinhala contemporary, rock, reggae, flamenco, and baila brought by each member’s unique taste. Thaala: Memory Lane is an exploration of memories through Thaala’s musical footprint. The first part of the show focuses on the retelling of a love story while the second half focuses on the memories that formed the “Thaala sound” as members of the Sri Lankan diaspora.

While primarily presented in Sinhalese, the concert will feature songs across languages with the signature Thaala identity.

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  • Saturday, March 02, 2024 at 6:00 PM